Nonprofit organization whose mission is to make hardware education accessible, approachable and affordable by running large scale hackathons.

The world's largest hardware lab, where the boundaries of imagination are explored in an intimate atmosphere, through collaboration instead of competition.

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Most Creative

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Casey Spencer

Casey Spencer
Renaissance man.

Ryan Kim

Ryan Kim
An iOS developer who is interested in integrating Medicine and Computer Science using wearables

Tyler Hoffman

Tyler Hoffman
iOS Developer from South Africa specializing in UI/UX design

Adrian Wisakana

Adrian Wisakana
iOS Developer with focus in design and hardware (VR, beacons, Leap Motion)

Angel Anderson

Angel Anderson
Founder, NailSnaps

Sam Stokes

Sam Stokes
Developer Evangelist, Microsoft

Judging Criteria

  • Innovativeness/Creativity
    Is it something new? Does the project go beyond traditional rules, patterns, and/or definitions? Does the project demonstrate progressiveness and imagination? Is the new idea meaningful?
  • Complexity
    Is the project composed of many different parts? Does the project demonstrate a lot of thought? Did the participants learn and explore significantly to complete the project? Were multiple devices/APIs meaningfully used as part of the project?
  • Usability/Quality
    Is this project something you would want to use? How close is the project to being usable/final project? Is the project usable for many (different) people? Is the project easy to use? Does the project provide a more qualitative experience?
  • Impact
    Would this project have a significant impact/help improve quality on someone’s life? Does the project consider a broader world view? Could the project have positive impact on the environment, business, etc.?
  • Diversity/Inclusivity
    Does the project consider marginalized groups? Does the project consider different body types? Would the project help increase access for individuals who sometimes are unable to access needed or desired resources?
  • Design
    How aesthetically pleasing is the project? Did thought go into project design? Does the project combine quality design with quantitative complexity?
  • Project Specific: Body As An Input (Wearable/Voice Tech) OR
    Does it use the WHOLE body (kneecaps, little fingers, ankles, voice, etc.)? The more the better! Is it a full body experience? Does it consider different body types in its design?
  • Project Specific: Environment As An Experience (IoT)
    Does it fit well with the environment it was designed in? How well versatile this idea is? Can it be used in more than just one environment for usability? e.g. business office, living room, parks, etc.